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Circles - 101 - Demystifying the whole FrEAkn theory!

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Circles - 101 - Demystifying the whole FrEAkn theory!

Post  Maverick on Fri May 21, 2010 11:40 am

Some would have you believe that being in a circle of pets is a terrific thing. That depends. There are two types of circles. One circle is what I like to refer to as a "Dependency Circle". This is when you are bought and raised into an existing or newly created circle and asked to purchase pets from those that have been raised, or from other members within that circle. Ok, fine. That seems fair as you were just raised to an astronomical value! However, when the members of the circle want to raise, they suddenly realize they have no cash to accomplish that task. That is VERY bad because now they have to call on an outside source to begin the flip cycle. That money, usually a significant amount gets deposited somewhere else, definitely not in your "circle". By the way, unless you take extreme action, you will almost CERTAINLY never get out from under that curse.

So what to do? Well, a true circle is not a circle at all. Its an "island". It is an island because you can survive and exist outside of anyone else's help. Don't worry about sales networks. If you have good pets, sales will never be an issue. Demand for good pets is ALWAYS greater than the supply.

When you have an island, you need to be self sufficient. That means that you have the personnel in place to bring in new recruits, to sell them, and one that is capable of moving bigger valued pets and performing flips at that level. When an island is formed, one of the members are chosen to become the 'bank". All transactions and flips will go thru that person to move as much cash as possible to the "bank". When the bank has enough money to buy any member on their island, plus 15%, they are now ready to truly be successful. The bank buys his owner, and creates a vacuum of buying. This is because all the money that you would hand over to the third party in the "circle" theory, stays on your island. You have no use for anyone else, and so, no dependency.

So, how does it work? Well, lets create an imaginary island. On the island we have three pets. Pet #1, Pet #2, and Pet #3. These pets currently own each other! So in reality, Pet #1 owns Pet #2 owns Pet #3 owns Pet #1. A true ownership circle. All pets are the same amount in value, let's propose $10,000,000 each. Pet#2 is the "bank", as explained above. All pets work with Pet#2 to raise his cash. When he gets to $11,500,000, which is his value, plus 15%, he will have enough to begin the cycle. Why the extra 15%? Well, every time a pet is involved in a sale or trade, he earns 10% in value. When the Pet #2, (the bank), begins the cycle, he will buy Pet #1. This moves the cash to Pet #3, the former owner of Pet #1. Because of the sale of his profile, Pet #1 gains 10% in value and becomes $11,000,000. (As a note, from the sale of Pet #1, Pet #3 has made his money back plus 5%, so he has $10,500,000 in his bank as a result of the sale.) To continue the raising cycle, Pet #3 buys Pet #2, moving the cash to Pet #1. Then, Pet #1 buys Pet #3, and returns the cash to Pet #2, who continues to be banker! Congratulations! You've just completed your first raising!

So now you may be asking yourself, "When is it a good time to circle?" Well it depends. Personally I think if you are approaching a value of 10 billion, it is a good time to think about it. Here's why.

As you approach 10 billion in value, you have already been raised up. You KNOW the game, and you will see the frequency of your own value increasing taking a back seat. It's likely slowing down. If you are on a team, you should have your network in place and be building your cash reserve. Naturally, a team will carry you higher, but not much more, unless there is plain old greed at work and I'd question anyone that offers to raise you past a few flips.
Also, don't forget! CASH IS ALWAYS GOOD. You will need more than 10 billion in cash to buy into a circle, and I feel that having a minimum of 13 billion is required for a pet of that value. The 10 billion isn't enough, you need to have cash left over for day to day trading operations.

The purpose of a circle is to transfer the control of your value growth to you. Once you grow higher in value, the game will seemingly slow down. It will not. You will raise your game play as your purchases grow in value. You should be spending more time researching a pet before buying, verifying their activities, etc. This is because you have been stuck with bad pets, you have woken up to find "DELETED" on your list and you certainly do not want that again. Play smart and remember past mistakes, teach those that watch you how to play thru your examples.

I invite you to look at your system and see how it is run! Are you self sufficient? Do you need to seek outside help to start your flip cycle when you want to be raised? I hope not! That's a lot of money heading out your door into the pockets of another. If it HAS to be that way, ask them to buy a pet that is equivalent in value to the money they make! Good friends will do it right? =)

So why divulge this information? Mainly to educate the pets that are just thrown into these circles with promises of high value. Everyone wants to be worth hundreds of billions in value, but do you want to be? Do you need to? I have met hundreds that tell me all they want to do is trade and have fun! Perhaps this will help you to play the game as you see fit and not the game as others will force you to play. You DO have a choice!

We may be FrEAk(z), but true to our mission statement, we want to help in the education and development of Pet Traders everywhere! Feel free to contact any FrEAk, or myself if you have any questions! We also invite you to come and join our our new forum. Its new! We hope all pet traders will go there to mingle and communicate and talk about all their Tag pets. So, come post your pets and help us accomplish something good! Its just a beginning, but by educating and playing with all others, we can profit together, I promise. If you need any advice or assistance in helping to succeed in creating your circle or first raising, contact your team's leaders, or myself! I would be more than happy to TELL you how to do it, and its free of charge!

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